Meet Terri


Hi, I’m Terri, creator of The Little Red Door and owner of Terri Buckland Creations. Welcome to my online shop!

Things you find here are Love, expressed as art. I take inspiration for my designs from things I love. I especially love the beauty and scenery of the Maritime Provinces on the Atlantic Coast of Canada, my beloved home.

After moving to a beautiful renovated cottage on Whynaught's Cove with my partner Christine, I became inspired to create art. There is a lovely shed on the property with a red door. It just called for a hobby! I decided to use the shed as a studio.

My main goal was to explore an urge I had to create. I started out painting furniture, and making abstract and watercolour art. 

In January 2018, I picked up clay for the first time, and it was magical! I felt deep resonance, like clay and I had been friends before. Out came a little abstract version of the village in Peggy's Cove, a neighborhood close to home I frequently walk. I turned it into a pair of earrings for myself and that's how my journey with clay began.

 I believe in living life from a place of love and being as “you” as you possibly can be!

My work as an artist grows and evolves as I do. I’m also a truth seeker, meditation junkie, and spiritual growth addict.

As part of the creative process, I strive to remain authentic, intuitive, and vulnerable.

I believe we should let what we love be what we do.

I love every part of my beautiful business. 

“Work is love made visible.” -Kahlil Gibran